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Please note that in 1987, Ellen Datlow published my story “Arachne” as a lead story in Omni Magazine. In January, 1990, William Morrow published Arachne as a hardcover novel, with David G. Hartwell as the editor. That was followed by Cyberweb. Both books were republished as trade paperbacks and mass market paperbacks, and Arachne was published by Hayakawa in Japan. I also published “The Oniomancer” in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

I recommend the excellent treatise, Cyberpunk Women, Feminism and Science Fiction (McFarland & Company, 2013) by Carlen Lavigne, a professor of communications and gender studies at Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada. Professor Lavigne notes at p. 39, “Bruce Sterling’s website, listing his recommendations for a thorough cyberpunk education only cites—as far as women authors are concerned—Cadigan’s work and Lisa Mason’s Arachne.”

I will be releasing a re-edited edition of Arachne and Cyberweb as The Quester Trilogy in 2014. “The Oniomancer” presently appears in my new collection Strange Ladies: 7 Stories (2013).

Did I piss you off at some point, Kelly? Is that it?

Was it someone else at NYRSF?

I'll point out the best thing about the opening line of Neuromancer is that it still works! It now denotes a completely unnatural fluorescent blue.

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