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Thank you Ian for this amazing review, you have no idea how happy we were when we read it and realized how well we were able to convey our ideas to someone from another culture.

Although we do understand your concerns regarding the female character is presented in this novel, we would like to give you an insight of what was going on there.

As you know HWJN was not only our first novel but also the first novel of a trilogy (so to get the full view you need to read all of them). It was also the first SciFi novel written in Arabic to get such mass exposure especially amongst YA.
Because of that, we tried in HWJN to keep things simple and familiar, and we think that is why a lot of our readers felt that it was real as it reflected in most cases the reality they live in (BTW, the majority of our readers were females).
And part of the reality is how males in general, and more specifically in Saudi would think of and treat females in the way they think is respectful. And Hawjan was no exception, as a male Arab Jinni, that is how he viewed females and how he and Eyad justified to them selves what they had done at the end.
The fact of the matter is that they were both cowards, as Hawjan did not have to courage to leave Sawsan on his own and had to manipulate her to avoid make that stand on his own, while Eyad feared that if Sawsan was to know the truth he would have no chance of competing for her heart.

This will be come more apparent to you when you read our second novel Somewhere (Hunaak) where the female character is the one in charge while it feels that the male was just there fore the ride.
And then more when you read the third novel Bin-yameen that will show how furious Sawsan got when she realized the truth and how she turned out to much stronger than what Hawjan and Eyad gave her credit fore.
The reason we are doing is this way is I mentioned, we wanted to start from a familiar setting and then start expanding the view of the reader to show them the bigger picture and how such familiarity might be so wrong that it is time to change them.

Thank you again for your time to read and analyze HWJN and we hope you enjoy our other novels.

P.S. please send me your address so that we can send you signed copies of both our novels and any new ones that would come.
My twitter is @YBahjatt

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