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This is the theme I am currently thinking about... Motivations of antagonists and respect with sentient life, even if they are orcs.
Amazing text, A.P. Thank you very much.
And this is a brilliant complement to the vision you gave in Philip Chase's channel concerning the Siege of Pale, in the MBotF / Gardens of the Moon and the notion of the Malazan Army biegn the orcs and Pale, Minas Tirith.

Also, I would like to know if I am allowed to translate this article to Brazilian Portuguese, in order to post it in the website www.tolkienista.com a Tolkien & fantasy site runned by a friend, Cristina Casagrande, an academic in fantasy.

Hi Franz,
I have no problem with you translating the text and sending it to your friend as long as you include the details that it was first published here and a link is provided to this text.
Thanks for the kind words.

Dear A.P. Thank you very much! I was already going to do as you suggested: credits and info of where it was first published. Also, when published, will post the link here! :) Sláinte!

Dear A.P. Canavan: just realized that the Shadow of Mordor player-character is called Talion, not Talian. Best wishes.

Dear A.P.:
the translation was just released here: https://tolkienista.com/2021/02/05/vamos-cacar-alguns-orques-reavaliando-a-monstruosidade-dos-orques/

Thank you, Frank!

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