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Here is Brad Torgersen's excellent commentary on your sadly ill-informed editorial: https://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/fisking-the-broken-narrative/

I expect this sort of off the rails vitriol, name calling and unreasoning McCarthyism from Vox Day and his lot. I am increasingly angry at the amount of it I see coming from the the long-time tru-fans I'd supposed were the good guys in this fight.

Do you really want F&SF fans to have nothing but a choice between your flavor of assholery and theirs?

Every time I read something like this, I start to agree with GRRM: You're making the puppies case for them.

Get a grip, Kevin.


The only substantial regret I have about my editorial is that it moved too seamlessly from discussion of the *Puppy movement to discussion of Panzergroup Asshole, making it seem as if I thought they were the same people. I don't.

Let me elaborate on Panzergroup Asshole and online harassment. PGA is a real thing--probably 400-500 people who participate in systematic online harassment*, a weapon waiting for a target. There's a larger body of casual trolls among whom PGA hide--sometimes PGA follow the other trolls and sometimes PGA's activities attract the other trolls.

*This can run the gamut from purely online attacks like verbal abuse, tweet flooding, sealioning, comment spam, account takeover, and DDOS attack to offline dangers such as publishing personal information, leaking nude pictures, elaborate death threats, bomb threats, credit card fraud, and SWATting. I've had multiple friends say to me that they won't mention certain names online for fear of attracting the attention of GG and the abuse it brings. Using the fear to silence one's opponents has a name: "terrorism".

I do not believe the *Puppies--the leaders and most of their supporters--are themselves members of Panzergroup Asshole. However, the Puppy leaders (Correia, Torgersen, and Day) deliberately and repeatedly invited an alliance with GamerGate, a movement inseparable from Panzergroup Asshole.

Asking people to block-vote for the Hugos (as the Puppies did) was a dick move, taking advantage of the good will assumptions inherent in the Hugo process. This is not significantly different in kind from the outright ballot-box stuffing that got Black Genesis and The Guardsman onto the nominee lists in 1987 and 1989. It's shameful and nasty, and if they had stopped there, the second half of the editorial wouldn't have been present. But by deliberately positioning themselves as part of GamerGate-writ-large was a step beyond.

And if it's "assholery" to point out that someone is allying themselves with terrorists--I think I can live with that charge.

The first rule of anti-insurgency is to avoid behaving in a manner that created more insurgents.

'Nuff said.

You're just digging yourself deeper. The idea Mercedes Carrera, Syrian Girl, Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopolous among many others including game deveiopers are monsters doesn't wash and you know it doesn't wash. So why do it? Why purposely confuse anonymous goofball cybernuts with people with legitimate gripes about silly feminist critiques of gaming? Do you think there aren't other blogs where people can't see the truth?

Has it ever once occurred to you the same pushback against silly feminist critiques has occurred in SF? Am I really supposed to take comments about my "white male colonial gaze" seriously? I can produce a thousand quotes like that from the highest to the lowest figures in this silly movement in SF. Org. presidents, editors, award-winners, the whole nine yards.

And if I push back I'm a woman-hating racist?

In case you didn't notice it, white people running around a black dominated awards show taking selfies and posting them with hashtags like #WeDontLookAlike is crass. Saying Three Body Problem Asiansplained and appropriated white SF is racist. Saying black SF authors blacksplain white SF literature is bigotry. Asking people to not read gays for a year is inflammatory. Advancing theories about Jewish privilege is incitement.

Double standards that explain that all away if done in reverse is moronic.

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